We are Berserker Labs, a game design company. We love card games, paper and pencil RPGs, board games, miniature games, and every possible hybrid under the stars. Our previous work includes two books for the Aces & Eights paper-and-pencil RPG. We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for Mythica: Fate of Heroes, a board game inspired by the Mythica movie series.

Our Values

  • Playability - In our minds, every game must be intuitive to play. No matter how complex we make it (and we do love complexity), the moving parts must always make simple sense for those playing the game.
  • Replayability - Every game we make we intend for you to play until it falls to pieces. This means something a little different for different types of games, but our general goal is for the 100th play to be just as enjoyable as the 1st.
  • Beauty - Anything worth doing is worth doing well and we apply this to every element of game design. Our art, our narrative, our mechanics, and our materials will always be of a quality that we're happy to 
  • Narrative - We got into this business because we love storytelling and we love interactive narrative games. We couldn't keep narrative out of our games even if we wanted to, so we've just embraced it.
  • Fun - What's the point of making games if you aren't having fun? If we're doing things right, the fun we have creating will become the fun you have playing. And at the end of the day we believe that is the definition of good game design.
  • Intermittent madness - None of us are ashamed to admit that we're a bit mad. We'll never create a game that doesn't fit the rest of our values, but we may push the envelope a bit. 

Our Story

The full story of Berserker Labs goes back many years to the childhood of one boy, Karl, and his miscreant friends in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their love of board games and RPGs combined with Karl's maniacal obsession with narrative gaming set this boy on a path to professional game design with his first (and still ongoing) project-the City of Miisk.

Flash forward a few decades and we find Karl as an adult being invited to speak in an Advanced Creative Writing class at Black Hills State University about collaborative storytelling engines. And then berserker fate intervened. Jeremy, an avid Pathfinder aficionado, happened to be in the class and, hearing his own passion for tabletop gaming finally recognized and praised in public, made a fateful decision. 

That fated evening led to a year of furious gaming, occasional intense sessions of game design, more gaming, then a little more design, and so on. Jeremy brought Nick into the mix and Karl introduced Jeremy and Nick to his miscreant gamer friends of yore: John and Mark. The output of this wild year was a pair of source books for Kenzer & Company's wild west RPG Aces & Eights entitled Judas Crossing and Judas Crossing: Rustlers and TownsfolkThese books still thrill us to this day and Karl's outstanding skills as an artist and map designer won a Silver Award for Best Cartography at the 2010 ENnies at GenCon.

Unfortunately, it was not yet time for BLGDS to shine. Life took the berserkers in different directions, some to graduate school, others into business, until the five of them were scattered across as many states. Six years would pass with Karl and Jeremy occasionally saying hello long enough to catch up and reminisce about the good old days in the old garage office. 

It wasn't until early 2016 that a friend of a friend would come to Karl with an interesting proposition that would rekindle the Berserker Labs forge. And now, a year and a half later, Mythica: Fate of Heroes is fully funded on Kickstarter and still going.